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Welcome to my

creative space.

     Hi there! My name is Jessica Lee Menendez, but everyone calls me Jess. I’m a 21 year old college senior at Florida international University studying Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications with an area of concentration in Social Media and E-marketing Analytics. I am a social media enthusiast who is passionate about digital marketing and content creation.

     More importantly, I’m a creative at heart who is passionate about living life to its fullest and finding joy in even the smallest of things. I started this blog to serve as a creative outlet - a place where I can inspire others to work towards their dreams.


     Whether it's through social media, photography, fashion, or event planning - I'm passionate about making my creative visions come to life.


Jessica Lee menendez

     /jes-i-kuh lee muh-nen-dez/

1. part-time Social Media Manager.

2. part- time Small Business Owner.

3. full-time Creative.